Zendaya – “Replay” Music Video Review

The video for Zendaya’s second official single is here! Click to watch and read my review.


At the beginning of the video, Zendaya walks into a dance studio. She’s wearing a braided ponytail and bangs, and well as a hooded jumpsuit. She performing some solo hip-hop dancing during the 1st verse, and then some dancers come in.

Zendaya rocks a big curly ‘fro during the pre-chorus, with clips of her wearing long straight hair, and all-white outfit mixed in.

During the second verse, she switches back to the white outfit and red lipstick with backup dancers dressed in black.

Throughout the song and video, there’s more of Zendaya in the three outfits and hairstyles singing and dancers, and at the end of the video she’s seen with her backup dancers having fun on some stairs.

She was really serious while dancing most of the time, which wasn’t a bad thing, but at least she loosened up towards the end. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Zendaya is undeniably talented. She doesn’t seem to have a problem moving on from Disney at the moment, but we’ll see where her career goes from here.


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