Victoria Justice – “Gold” Music Video Review!

victoria justice gold music video

Victoria Justice knows how to make a music video. She looks confident and pretty in her new video for her single, “Gold”!


The video starts off with a few quick products made of gold. Then, there’s Victoria in a few different outfits, including a silver dress and ((hopefully) faux fur. As the song plays, Victoria’s in the car with her crush, played by Colton Haynes. He’s too cute! She teases him and plays around with him, letting him know she likes him.

My favorite outfit from this video is the dress with the leather halter top and a tutu bottom. Victoria rocks it, and I want it in my closet! The fashion in this video alone gets a 5/5 from me.

Victoria gives off a very confident, sweet, yet somewhat sassy vibe throughout the vibe, while telling the guy to “man up and make your move” because she’s “Gold”. She looks very pretty, the hair and make-up team did an amazing job!

In the part of the song where Victoria raps, she plays into her hip-hop side wearing a baseball cap, leather pants, a jean jacket, and a crop top, with the word ‘Gold’ written in graffiti behind her.

Overall, this video, along with the single, definitely has major replay value, and will definitely be racking up millions of views over the next few days.

4.7/5 (almost perfect!)


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