Selena Gomez – Come & Get It Remix Music Videos!


The remixes of Come & Get It themselves were cool enough, but now they all have their own remixed music videos! They also made me realize how many shots in the Come & Get It music video there are where Selena isn’t singing.

Jump Smokers Remix

This is my favorite remix of all of them!

DJ Lazlo Club Remix

This one’s the longest, and the first minute and a half made me feel like I was watching a short film about…well, nothing really. But this remix slows down the vocals and is very interesting.

Dave Aude Club Remix

This one’s about 6 minutes long, and the one I was most looking forward to, since I had liked Dave Aude remixes of Selena’s songs in the past. It doesn’t disappoint. Great workout song! This is my second favorite.

Cosmic Dawn Club Remix

This was one of the more simple remixes. It slows down the vocals and the video, and removes Selena’s stutter in the chorus.

DJ Liam Keegan Club Remix

This one sounds really similar to the Cosmic Dawn remix, but it includes the stutter (when you r-e-e-e-e-e-e-eady). I like what they did with the bridge as well.

Which ‘Come & Get It’ remix is your favorite? Or do you like the original better?


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