Rebecca Black covers Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ with Dave Days!

Remember Rebecca Black? Yes, the “Friday” girl. She became infamous in 2011 for her ‘worst song ever’ about her favorite day of the week. She then released a few other songs, such as “My Moment,” “Person of Interest,” “Sing It,” and “In Your Words.” She’s back once again proving the haters wrong, showing off her much improved voice in this video. Click to keep reading!

Watch the video!

Obviously Rebecca has improved her voice A TON since her viral video. She has always been positive and strong, even through the haters, bullies, and even¬†death threats!¬†I’m not saying I’d go out and buy her album, but I definitely respect her for being so strong.

Check out Rebecca’s YouTube channel:
And davedays:

What do you think of her cover? Is Rebecca finally coming into her own? Or will she forever just be the girl with the ‘worst song ever’?

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