Max Schneider – Nothing Without Love Music Video Review!

You might know him from Rags or How to Rock, or his covers on YouTube. Now he’s released his first single, “Nothing Without Love,” and this guy is very, very talented. Keep reading to watch the video and read my review!

The video starts with flashbacks of him and his main love interest (Klariza Clayton from House of Anubis), mixed in with Max dancing with his backup dancers. I didn’t know he was such a good dancer, but apparently, he is a triple threat! (actor, singer, dancer) As he sings, there is more of him with his girl, at the beach and in their apartment. Then, Max seems to be facing a tough decision (a contract?), and ends up pushing away his girlfriend. Then there’s Max at a table, ready to sign, then he decides to walk away and go back to her, because he realizes he is nothing without her love.

It’s a pretty simple music video, but it’s kind of refreshing because of all the over the top videos I have seen lately. Max’s dancing is awesome, his singing is even better, and some House of Anubis fans might be excited to see one of their favorite characters. Something about this video seems very familiar, I mean Max has the pop star formula: the voice, the dance moves, the looks, and it seems like he already has a nice group of fans! I think he’s going to have a great career.


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One thought on “Max Schneider – Nothing Without Love Music Video Review!

  1. Alice

    He is a quadruple treat! He models too! Look up ‘Max Schneider Dolce and Gabbana’ where he posed with Maddona :) he is so perfect


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