Learn a language for free on your smartphone! Duolingo App Review

It’s summertime. For most kids and teens, it means forgetting everything you just learned in school the previous year. Parents and teachers hate that, because it means they have to spend time re-teaching the same material. This is especially true for foreign language. If you don’t use, you lose it. I’ve found an app that makes keeping up your language skills easy and fun!

Duolingo is a free app for iPhone and Android that makes a game out of learning new languages. The exercises are very simple and consist of matching, translating a sentence from English to the other language and back. Each lesson is broken down into simple steps, and you can move at your own pace, learning as you go.


Duolingo wants you to stay on track! It sends you a notification on your phone, and an email each day telling you to open the app and practice your language of choice.


I chose Spanish, because that’s what I’ve taken in school. I haven’t learned too much new vocabulary yet, since I am only on Lesson 3, but it’s been a nice refresher conjugation and sentence structure.


Hopefully in the future, teachers will start using technology like this in the future in the classroom to keep students more engaged.

Duolingo for iPhone, Android


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