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So guys, here’s the deal. TheLolPhase is new, and we don’t get a lot of views everyday. Now, I realize WE’RE NOT ALONE! xD

There are pages on Facebook who could use a little help, and who appreciates every follower/viewer/commenter just like we do.
So here’s one for you to follow: *~Teens only

This Facebook page is run by co-founders Bella and Valaree, and two admins(helping hands) Erin and Dinda. They each go by:
Valaree=Captain Awesome Duckeh
Dinda=Doctor Who’s Hero

Don’t forget to say “Hi” and tell them what a great job they’re doing.
So go ahead. LIKE! x)

P.S. We will be searching for other pages/sites that could use the help. It could be yourz! If you don’t have one, suggest one!

From, TheLolPhase

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