Demi Lovato – Heart Attack: The Remixes!

As if the original version of Demi’s worldwide hit wasn’t addictive enough, now all the Lovatics have 6 new remixes of Heart Attack to jam out to! All the new remixes were released on Friday, April 26th, and they make me want to dance! Click to listen to all of them!

White Sea Remix

I think this one’s good for working out! :)

Alias Club

Just like the name says, this is definitely something you would hear in a dance club. Que the fist pumping, head shaking, and hair whipping.

Manhattan Clique

Deejay Theory

This one’s kind of different. Interesting beat.

Belanger Remix

This one’s cool too, and messes around with Demi’s vocals, but it really is a remix! And, that’s what I like about it.

White Sea Acapella

This version, with Demi’s pure voice, give me chills. Seriously. Voice envy.

Which version is your favorite? All of them? None of them? Leave a comment below, or tweet me and Nena! @thelolphase


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