Elisabeth’s Favorite Beauty YouTubers

YouTube has taught me a lot of things. For example, I’m definitely not an expert in makeup, hair, or fashion. But thankfully, there are lots of amazing ladies willing to help!

In no particular order:

1. MooshVille (Olga Kay)

OlgaKay is all-around awesome. She makes funny sketches on her main channel, gaming videos, vlogs, and of course beauty tutorials! ¬†She encourages natural beauty as well and isn’t afraid to be on-camera without makeup. My newest favorite of hers is the 5 Minute Makeup Challenge:

2. hellokatyxo

Katy is truly an inspiration. She makes excellent beauty videos, but also has some really nice advice videos for teenage girls, and you can tell she puts time into filming and editing, while making it look easy.

3. cutepolish

If every girl could do her own nails like cutepolish, nail salons would be a sad place. The best part about her videos: the designs are awesome! The worst part: Trying it on yourself isn’t as nearly as easy as she makes it look. Check her out!

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Who are your fave beauty gurus?

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