Cody Simpson – “Summertime of Our Lives” Music Video Review!

This is the cutest song I’ve heard all summer, and no one can argue with beautiful scenery and a ukelele.


First of all, I didn’t even know Cody Simpson played the ukelele! Awesome!

The video features Cody on a mountain writing in a notebook, using a map and a compass to find his destination (the girl he misses). “Summertime of Our Lives” is such as cute song, and matches the video. I wonder where this video was shot, it looks like an amazing vacation spot! While the song plays, Cody walks along the beach singing and playing his ukelele. He then gets in a boat at the end of the video and sails off to his girl? We’re all hoping for a happy ending.

I like that this video is simple, mellow and clean, unlike his other recent video, “Pretty Brown Eyes.”  That one has a lot more energy and effects.

Overall: 4.5/5! (I can’t wait to watch a video I can give a 5/5)


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