Big Time Rush – “Picture This” Review!

‘Picture This’ is all about a perfect night with the perfect girl. Check out my review!


Picture This is Track 7 on the new Big Time Rush album, 24/seven. The song is telling a girl how they could be together, going on dates, riding through a city, and hanging out on the beach. The pre-chorus says, “When you look into your future who’s there standing with you when you close your eyes?” Obviously, hoping it will be him.

They sing about how perfect their relationship could be, where they’d go, what they’d do, and how much fun they’d have. In the chorus, Big Time Rush sings, “Do you see what I see? You and me, it’s like a movie scene.” He sees a future together with this girl.

Overall, it’s an alright addition to album, but not my favorite. It’s an optimistic song, but not good enough to be an official single.

3/5 stars.


What do you think of “Picture This”? Should it be an official single?

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