Big Time Rush – “24/seven” Review!


Big Time Rush has a new album out, called “24/seven,” and while I haven’t listened to them in a while, I’m excited to hear their new music. First, I’m taking a look at the title track, “24/seven.”


The opening song on the new BTR album is all about having fun and living in the moment. The boys sing, “All every day is a holiday/we’re alright/24 seven.”

They also talk about being original and standing tall. “We got no one to impress/Looking bright no matter how we dress.” ’24/seven’ is all about seeing the positive side, living your life the way you want, and not caring what anyone thinks. There’s nothing sketchy about the lyrics, and it has an overall clear and positive message.

What do you think of ’24/seven?’ Are you tired of songs about doing whatever and living in the moment, or is this your new favorite? Comment below or tweet us! 


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