Best Ariana Grande Covers!

Today, June 26th, is Ariana Grande’s 20th birthday! So, I’ve decided to talk about my favorite covers she’s done on her YouTube channel!

1. Grenade

When I first heard this – I couldn’t stop listening. Bruno Mars did an awesome cover of this, by the way :)

2. Rolling in the Deep

This is Ariana’s most viewed video, and for good reason. Proof that she CAN sing, if you needed some. Even acapella, she’s amazing!

3. Love the Way You Lie

I was never a big fan of this song (the original), but this cover is really good. And no, that’s not auto tune you hear behind Ariana’s voice, it’s harmony.

4. Die in Your Arms

One word: Beautiful. I never payed much attention to the original by Justin Bieber, but Ariana’s voice is perfect for this!

5. Thinking ‘Bout You

A shorter, but really good cover of this Frank Ocean song. Ariana has a pretty voice, and her harmonies are pretty sweet in the background.

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Happy 20th birthday, Ariana!

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