Alli Simpson – “Why I’m Single” Music Video Review


Wondering why you never see Miss Alli Simpson with a guy? She explains in her new song!

Alli Simpson is hearbroken is this video, laying on her bed with her teddy bear. She is talking to her friend on the phone. What do you do when you’re feeling down? Jump on the bed and have a little dance party! Alli looks back on the boy she was with, (played by Sean O’Donnell) then she rips his pictures off the wall and draws on them.

Then she has a little fashion show in her bedroom! There is no doubt that Alli has a closet most girls would envy. She goes from being sad to dancing in the mirror and singing into a hairbrush.

My favorite outfit is the black and white tutu outfit. Which is your favorite outfit Alli wore?

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3 thoughts on “Alli Simpson – “Why I’m Single” Music Video Review

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