Metallic Markers: It’s the Little Things

metallicmarkers.jpgYou’ve heard the expression: it’s the little things that matter. As cliche as it seems, it really is true! A small change can make a mountainous task seem less intimidating, maybe even more enjoyable! Read on.

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Make It Count – What If You Could Spend $86,000 a Day?

I came across this interesting video yesterday. It stretches the idea that time is money, by posting the question, “What if you had $86,400 to spend each day?” At the end of each day, this money disappears, and reappears the next day. This number is used because this is the number of seconds we have in each day. Just like the money in this example, at the end of each day, all of our time is used up at we get  86,400 more seconds the next day.

The point of this was to remind you of the importance of making every moment of your life count and not to waste your time on Earth. The video is only 1:04 (64 seconds), so check it out:

What would you spend $86,400 on? Comment below or let me know on Twitter, @thelolphase!


Last Post: 3 Songs to Get Your Weekend Going

3 Songs to Get Your Weekend Going

Weekend off to a slow start? Here’s some tunes to change your mood.

1. Best Day of My Life by American Authors

This is the band’s first big hit. It’s pretty simple and nothing special lyrically, but really catchy and if you sing it to yourself throughout the day, it can be pretty motivating!

2. Speak Life by TobyMac

I love the message of this song! Words have more of a powerful impact on us and our lives than we think. Speaking encouraging words to others, or having them spoken to us can not only brighten our day, but keep us moving forward. Share this with someone who you think needs encouragement!

3. Happy by Pharrell Williams

If you haven’t heard this song yet, get ready. It might be in your head for a little while. This clean pop tune expresses the joy of being in a really good mood and not letting anything or anyone bring you down. The video’s pretty cool too. Enjoy :)

BONUS: Make Believe by Meghan & Lucas

So, this band isn’t that popular (yet), but this song is still pretty cool. It’s about opening your imagination and pretending you’re a kid again. That’s pretty much never a bad thing. The video is fan made, so it’s not the best quality, but you can still follow along with the lyrics and listen.

What are your favorite songs right now? Tweet me @thelolphase, or comment below!




(Late) Web Wednesday #7: Bridgit Mendler & Jamie Grace

Welcome back to Web Wednesday, where I round up my favorite things from the web each week. It’s been a little while, but I have a few pretty cool things to share with you today. Keep reading!

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What was the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne doing at a music show? Looking fabulous in her long black gown, and showing off her pretty lavender hair!

My Favorite Fashions from the Grammy’s 2014!

Did you catch the Grammy’s last weekend? I didn’t, but it’s ok, because all I really cared about was what the stars wore! Check out my favorite fashions from “Music’s Biggest Night.” Continue reading


Motivational Quotes to Get You Through This Week

School’s back in session, and a lot of you are probably dragging your feet, hitting snooze more than you should, and readjusting your brain to homework after a couple of weeks off. Here are some wise words to get you going! Continue reading

The LOL Phase’s Year in Blogging (2013)

Happy New Year! I hope you all had an incredible, safe holiday. 2013 was a pretty cool year for The LOL Phase! We put out some great content, and learned a lot about blogging. The awesome people at WordPress put together a report for us on our most popular posts, our audience, and who was the most engaged in the past year. Did your favorite post make the list? Check it out!

If you have your own blog, share it! And, if you have a blogging report like ours, feel free to share that too! We’d love to see it!

-Elisabeth & Nena


5 Things to Do Before Winter Break Ends!

Most of you are probably a week or so into winter break now, and now that the holiday craziness is over, you probably don’t have much to do. Bored yet? Here’s 10 un-boring activities you can do before school starts!
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taylor swift

Taylor Swift – “The Last Time” ft. Gary Lightbody (Music Video Review)

Taylor Swift has just released a new music video for her song, “The Last Time” from the album Red. It’s not the same setup as her previous music videos, but it’s nice to see something different from her.

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